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Binanog Festival

January 10
Municipality of Lambunao
3rd District, Province of Iloilo

The indigenous Visayan group of Panay Bukidnon also known as Suludnon are a group of people who reside in the mountainous areas of Capiz-Lambunao. Considered to be the only culturally indigenous group of Visayan language-speakers in the whole of Western Visayas, The Suludnons live in small disconnected settlements and have retained their own culture, their own unique forms of dance and music, which they have preserved through the ages, surviving through years of colonial invasions.

Reflecting their rich cultural ancestry, Lambunao highlights their most highly developed art, its Binanog dance through the annual celebration of Binanog Festival. Enhanced by their colourful costumes using detailed needlework and complex gong-bamboo musical accompaniment, the festival is celebrated every 2nd week of January.

The Binanog dance has three varieties: (1) Binanugan which imitates the movements of the birds; (2) Inagong Sayaw-Sayaw or the celebration dance; and (3) Dinagmay or the courtship dance. With the symbolic beating of a gong, pairs move in these simple varieties that involve the extension of the arms, flapping in unison with various foot works. Dancers, normally in pairs pace themselves as they move to the steady heartbeat of the gong and dancing for attention with each other. The climax of the dance features the intricate moves and the recognizable swinging of the shawl taken from the waist of the female dancer as she captures her male partner.

The Sulodnons wear their traditional clothing. For the female, the lower part is a Patadyong, a cotton fabric in plaid patterns of red, blue, yellow, green and pink with white borders and is considered as the most popular hinabol, the term given to any hand-woven fabric made out of fibrous materials. The top is of bell sleeves known as Saipang and is embellished with multi-coloured needlework locally known as Tubok and is done with their own deft hands. Their outfit is accentuated by a Pudong, a headpiece of old coin and a Biningkit, a neckpiece of old coins with glass beads.

Binanog Festival is an opening salvo for Iloilo’s year-long of municipal and city festivities. Visitors from near and far gather to enjoy Lambunao’s warm fellowship and rural charm.