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Damires Hills Terra Verde

Damires Hills Terra Verde, Barangay Damires, Janiuay. Mountain resort with 6 A/C houses with bathroom good for 6 pax each, 2 A/C houses with bathroom good for 6 pax each, 5 A/C rooms with bathroom good for 2 pax each. With kiddie and adult pools, wifi-internet connections, massage services, back-up generator, restaurant, ATV and bike trails, Canopy Walk, zipline, playground for kids and adult.

For more information, please contact, Frankie Armada Cardora at (033) 3968144 0r 09096991390 or email at damireshills_philippines@yahoo.com.ph/damireshills.71@gmail.com.

Surong Festival

Every last week of April
Municipality of Janiuay
District, Iloilo

Surong Festival is an eco-agri and cultural festival. It also showcases the journey of every Janiuaynons in all the challenges and adversities of their lives. The festival intends to build a strong common future among its people, rooted in their historically rich common past.

Janiuaynons are known for their strength of character. They are brave, tireless and prayerful. They see life’s challenges as a blessing and that it comes into a persons’ life for a reason. And chooses to learn valuable lessons from the challenges they encounter. Janiuaynons believe that to be able to reap their benefits, they should accept them with absolute faith. They believe that the more difficult the adversity, the more valuable will be the lessons it offers to teach. By exercising faith in a power greater than themselves, they discover they are not alone in any adversity.

Janiuay Cemetery

This one hectare tract to the Catholic Cemetery of Janiuay located east from the Poblacion, situated between barangays Aquino-Nobleza and Damu-og was built in 1875.

Built on top of a hill. it is one of the most beautiful of its kind in this country. It is made up of three grand arched entrance gates with individual staircases. The octagonal-shaped capilla, partially overgrown with plants and shrubs, is the centerpiece of the cemetery. The cemetery was finished In November 20, 1885.


Photos by Jun Fuerte