Pagdihon Festival

3rd week of October
Municipality of Dingle
4th District, Iloilo

The annual Pagdihon Festival is an opportunity for Dingleanons to give thanks to their local heroes for the sacrifices they had done in the name of freedom. Adriano Hernandez, the central figure of the celebration, the main character in the dance-drama presentations, is a native of Dingle,Iloilo is a Visayan general, military strategist and patriot. When the natives were asked to volunteer in fighting the Filipino revolutionaries, Hernandez secretly organized a rebel movement in Iloilo against the Spaniards and staged the first armed uprising in the Province of Iloilo. This occurred in Barrio Lincud, Dingle. The event was known as the “Cry of Lincud” on October 28, 1898.

Since 2009, this festival is celebrated every year to commemorate the war that was fought in this town. Now the town of Dingle has peace, but every year for one day we depict the war of those times through this festivity.

The festival highlight is the tribal dance spectacle in a built up at an open space as performers involved in a rousing telling of the events as they unfold history through a dance-drama presentation.