Districts of Iloilo

ILOILO stands at the crossroads of the orient and the developed Western world. It lies i the midst of both; air and sea traffic occupying the southern and northeastern portion of Panay Islands — the large Triangular island in the west of Visayas, subdivided into the provinces of Capiz, Aklan, Antique and Iloilo. Iloilo is bounded to the north by the province of Capiz and the Jintotolo Channel; Guimaras Strait; and the province of antique to its west.

Stretching 4,663 square kilometers, Iloilo is composed of 42 Municipalities and the component city and is politically sub divided into five (5) congressional districts. Topography varies from flat lands and rolling hills to mountain peaks and ranges, and roll down into flat plains towards the coastal towns. Iloilo city; the vibrant provincial capital, is a booming financial center.