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Saludan Festival

The culture of the town of Tigbauan reflects a society with diverse influences and traditions. And to express this cultural richness, Saludan a cultural festivity was organized to showcase the town’s distinct traditional activity in a celebration of dance and music. A dialect used for the “crude method of threshing rice or catching fingerlings through nets,” Saludan is one of Iloilo’s emerging festivals.

Aside from the way of life of the people of Tigbauan, the Saludan Festival also centers on the town’s colorful history. Tigbauan was the site of the first Jesuite Boarding School for boys, the first educational center in the Philippines; Furthermore, it is the home of a regional fisheries research institution, the Aquaculture Department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC); and the town is also the place where the American Liberation Forces landed on 18 March 1945 which led to the Liberation of the islands of Panay and Romblon. These milestones are a source of pride for the people of Tigbauan.

The Saludan is held every last week of October. The four day event opens with a food festival, Trade Fair, and a Beauty pageant. The gem of the festivity is the tribe competition.


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Talong Festival

Barangay Oyungan, Miagao, Iloilo will celebrates its first <b>Tarong Festival</b> on March 24-26, 2017. This year’s theme, “Pasidunggan kag Pasalamatan,” will focus on the thriving industry of eggplant production of the Barangay.

Join the fun. Stop by to enjoy their original, old-fashioned festival celebration with daily activities for everyone. March 24 (Friday) Mass at 7 a.m., Caravan at 8 a.m., Opening of Agro-Trade Fair at 9 a.m., Battle of the Mini Sound at 11 a.m., Barangay Night at 7 p.m.; March 25 (Saturday) Cavalcade of Dances from Oyungan Elementary School at 7 a.m., A Talk on the History of Taring by Mr. Vicente Natino, President, PASAKA-UBOS Irrigators Association at 9 a.m. Barangay Plaza, Eggplant Picking for visitors and guests, Symposium on Planting and Marketing Eggplant at 3 p.m., Lin-ay Kang Tarong Festival 2017 at 6 p.m.; March 26 (Sunday) Mass at 9:30 a.m., Sugbahan sa Binit Dalan and Boodle Fight, Raffle and Pinaka Contest at 11 a.m., Awarding at 7 p.m.

The eggplant fields in Barangay Oyungan have provided the whole town of Miagao with the product all year round. Honoring the most abundant product of the Barangay, the Tarong Festival is a celebration of the land of Oyungan, honouring its agricultural traditions and the farmers. It is one of the fastest growing areas of the town producing rice, corn and truckloads of eggplants. Harvest season produces 100 sacks of eggplants daily.

Belonging to the nightshade family like tomatoes, potatoes and bell peppers, eggplants locally known as talong, it is a vegetable long prized for its beauty as well as its unique taste and texture. Eggplants are native to the Indian subcontinent, but are now found throughout the world in a number of different cultural cuisines. In England, the vegetable is called “aubergine.” It reached the Middle East and the Mediterranean region approximately 800 years ago, and was being referenced in England by the 16th century.

Eggplants grow by hanging from the vines of a plant that grows several feet in height. It is best known for its dark purple color but comes in a variety of shapes from small and oblong to long and skinny. The flesh is cream colored and spongy in consistency with seeds arranged in a conical pattern. It has a pleasantly bitter taste and spongy texture. Eggplant can be baked, roasted in the oven, or steamed.

Eggplant has a unique range of health benefits, including an ability to help build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis, reduce symptoms of anemia, increase cognitive function, improve cardiovascular health, protect the digestive system, help lose weight, manage diabetes, reduce stress, protect infants from birth defects, and even prevent cancer.

Situated six kilometers away from the poblacion on the way to the next municipality, Barangay Oyungan is a friendly, old-fashioned agricultural and fishing community. It is the 3rd biggest in terms of population numbering to 420 households of 2,000 residents.

To get to the barangay, one can take a Tigbauan, Guimbal, Miagao or San Joaquin jeepneys at the Don Benito Q. Acap Sr. Southern Iloilo Perimeter Boundary in Barangay Mohon, Oton or when in the city, at the market situated at the back of Robinsons Place Iloilo. For more information, please contact Hon. Remia Nuevaespana – Barangay Captain at 09079981900.

Erlinda’s Inland Resort

Erlinda’s Inland Resort, Barangay Signe, Igbaras. A Farm resort with 1 A/C room for 4 pax, 1 fan room for 3 pax, 1 fan room for 20pax , 2 fan room good for 10 pax. Has open cottages, kiddie and adult pools. Entrance fee P25.00.

For more information, please contact 09162575014 or 09066540367 or email at or

Insular Beach Resort

Insular Beach Resort, Barangay Cabasi, Guimbal. Beachfront resort with 2 A/C Family rooms for 5 and 3 pax, 2 A/C rooms for 4 pax each, 2 fan rooms for 6 pax each, 2 fan rooms for 2 pax each. Has mini function hall. Entrance fee at P10.00.

For more information, contact Pastor Rato Insular at (033) 3155301 or 09194887332/ 09194243145.

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