Iloilo Provincial Government website

Quick Facts




Municipalities, Citis and Barangay

Region 6 - Western Visayas
5 Congressional Districts
42 Municipalities and 1 component City
No. of Barangays: 1,721
Land Area: 466,342 has. / 4,663.42 sq. km.



Total Population: 1,936,423 (August 2015 Census)
Number of Households: 403,723 Families (Excluding Iloilo City)
Population Density: 415 persons/sq. km.  (August 2015 Census)
Household Population: 1,931,532 (Excluding Iloilo City)
Annual Population Growth Rate: 1.34 (2010-2015)





Number of Banks (2015)

Universal and Commercial Banks 104
Thrift Banks 51
Rural and Cooperative Banks 96

Labor (October 2015)

Labor Force Participation Rate: 63.1
Employment Rate:  94.6
Unemployment Rate: 6.2
Literacy Rates: 94.5%


For more information on Cost of Doing Business in Iloilo, please call the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotion Center at the Provincial Planning and Development Office or email: