Iloilo Provincial Government website

Programs and Projects

Eight Strategic Themes

Improving health and nutrition through the accessible and better health facilities
Healthy living environment through environmental protection and rehabilitation
Improving farm household through improved agricultural productivity
  • Integrated Fisheries Development Program
  • Research and Institutional Development Program
    • Community Participatory Action Research
    • Rice research and Technology Center
    • 4H Club Development
    • Rural Improvement Club Development
    • Farmers Association Development
  • Crops Development
    • Rice Development
      • Technical Assistance / Technology Tranhsfer (Palay Check System, Enhance Farmers Field School (Climate Field School), Hybrid Rice Production Technology)
      • Rice Seed Dispersal in Partnership with Department of Agriculture nRegional Field Unit 6 (Certified Seeds, Hybrid Seeds, High Quality Seeds)
      • Rice Seed Production Assistance for Seed Growers (Inspection of rice field to assure seed quality, Sampling of rice seed produce for Laboratory Analysis, Tagging of seeds that pass the laboratory analysis)
    • Corn / Cassava Development
      • Technical Assistance / Technology Transfer (Integrated Pest Management on Corn)
      • Corn Seed dispersal (Open Pollinated Varieties)
      • Cassava Mass Production Training
    • Crops Protection and Disease Surveillance
    • High Value Crops Development
      • Vegetables (Technical Assistance / Technology Transfer on Vegetable Production, Vegetable Seed Distribution in partnership with Dept. of Agri. Region VI, Agriproductivity / Urban Agriculture)
      • Banana (Technical Assistance / Technology Transfer on Banana Production)
      • Mango (Technical Assistance / Technology Transfer on MangoProduction, Grafted Mango Dispersal)
      • Coffee and Cacao(Technical Assistance / Technology Transfer on Cofee/CacaoProduction)
      • Watermelon(Technical Assistance / Technology Transfer on WatermelonProduction)
      • Jackfruit(Technical Assistance / Technology Transfer on Ornamental CropProduction)
  • Livestock Development Program
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Agribusiness and Marketing Development
Enhancing quality of life through quality and accessible education, social welfare and related services
Efficient government service trough better government facilities