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Iloilo's Firsts

Perhaps, no other province in the Philippines has a record of so many "FIRSTS' as the province of Iloilo. The following list is by no means complete:
  1. Iloilo is site of the Malayan landing in the Philippines, according to the Maragtas Legend.Photo from the Provincial Library and Archives
  2. The first school for boys in the Philippines was founded in Tigbauan by the famous Jesuit priest and historian, Pedro Chirino in 1592.
  3. The first place to put up a Christian church in the Philippines was Jalaud (Dumangas) in what is now the barangay of Ermita, in 1566.
  4. Iloilo is the first city outside Manila to have a foreign business house (Loney & Co.) and the first foreign vice-consul.
  5. The first province to export sugar to Australia.
  6. The only province to have two cities during the Spanish time: Iloilo City, chartered in 1890, and Jaro in 1891.
  7. The biggest province in the Philippines in population, income and economic production during the 19th century.
  8. The best and biggest producer of textile during the Spanish era.
  9. The first city outside Manila to have electricity, telephone, telegraph, railway, ice plant, automobile and other modern conveniences.
  10. The first province outside Luzon to fly the Philippine National Flag (in Sta. Barbara, Nov. 17, 1898)
  11. The first department store in the country. Hoskyn & Co., established in 1877.
  12. The first city outside Manila to have direct shipping lines with Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Europe and America.
  13. The first commercial airline in the country was the Iloilo Negros Air Express Co. (INAEC).
  14. The first Philippine airline established after World War II was organized by Ilonggos… the FEATI.
  15. The first provincial high school in the Philippines…Iloilo National High School.
  16. The first Elementary School established under the Americans – Baluarte Elemenetary School in Molo.
  17. The first protestant barrio in the country – Calvario – Janiauy.
  18. The first Baptist Church in the Philippines – Jaro Evangelical Church.
  19. The first luxury liner in the island – S/S Don Esteban of the De la Rama Line.
    Photo from the Provincial Library and Archives
  20. The first city to have double – decked buses.
  21. The first concrete road in the country – from Forbes Bridge to Jaro Plaza.
  22. The first city to have a car assembly plant – Taller Visayas de Strachan & McMurray. The car assembled was the “Deiler” in the 1920’s.
  23. The first province to produce many millionaires and the first city to have a millionaire’s row.
  24. The first Filipino to launch the propaganda movement in Spain, Graciano Lopez Jaena of Jaro also known as the greatest orator the Philippines aver produced.
  25. The only Filipino nominated to the Supreme Court of Cuba – Raymundo Melliza.
  26. The first Filipino to fly an airplane for passengers, was an Ilonggo – Jose Tinsay in 1925.
  27. The first doctor of laws from Oxford University – Melquiades Gamboa.
  28. The first doctor of philosophy in political Science – Victorino Diamonon.
  29. The first Filipino doctor of Education – Pedro E. Y Rio.
  30. The first Filipino woman doctor of Philosophy in Engineering – Josette Garcia Portigo.

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