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How To Get There

How To Get Here

Manila is its premier gateway. Major airlines have round-trip flights that take about an hour.

The new Iloilo Airport located in Cabatuan is built in a wider and panoramic place with state-of-the-art coputerized facilities. Cebu Pacific provides six flights daily from Iloilo to Manila; three (3) flights daily from Iloilo to Cebu; daily flights to Davao; three (3) flights weekly from Iloilo to Cagayan; four (4) flights weekly weekly from Iloilo to General Santos, three (3) flights weekly from Iloilo to Puerto Pricessa and three (3) flights to Tacloban. It also has two (2) flights weekly from Iloilo to Hong Kong and three (3) flights weekly from Iloilo to Singapore. The airport is 18 kilometers from the city and is accessible by van, jeepney and taxi.

Using a sea craft, there are ports going to and exiting Iloilo City.

The Philippine Ports Authority in Lapuz, Iloilo City transport passengers from Iloilo to Bacolod City eight times daily; Fort San Pedro has trips every Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from Iloilo-Manila; Iloilo to Cagayan every Saturday; and Iloilo to Cebu daily except Mondays. Ortiz Wharf has 60 trips daily to Jordan, Gumaras; and Parola Terminal has 30 trips daily to Buenavista, Guimaras. The Port of Dumangas-Naluyu-an, approximately 29 kilometers east from Iloilo City is serviced by RoRo (Roll-On-Roll-Off vessels) have 19 trips to Bacolod. For more information, please contact 09165355541.

When traveling to Bacolod from Iloilo or vise versa, you got two options to take, either the quickest yet expensive Sea Jets or a 3-fold lower cost RoRo but will take you a bit longer for traveling time. 

Buses, jeepneys or public utility vans (PUV's) ply around the provinces’ well-developed system of road network while taxis with metered fares and fixed rates for jeepneys ply around the city.